Patrick Blackard

Director of Photography - Lighting Director - Gaffer
(512) 924-6955


Setting the Scene for Conversations

Making America Series

History Channel shows about the  20th Century–The Men Who Made America, Titans Who Made America, American Dynasties, Cowboy Wars.  I DP’d many interviews with Texas professors of American History.


Business owners who advertise on a social media network discuss how it helped their business.

The Life of a Rodeo Bull

A Charolais/Brahman crossbred bull named Bodacious terrorized the rodeo circuit, challenging the best bull riders.  He was withdrawn from from competition for fear he would kill a rider.  We told the Bodacious story through interviews with owners and riders. 

Formula One

NBC Sports hired me to light the open-air announce booth at the Formula One US Grand Prix.   The challenge was to make them look good with the track in full sun behind them.  

Happy owners talk about the benefits of their new home.  

Mandola's Italian Kitchen

Where else to interview genius restauranteur Damien Mandola but in his kitchen.  


This lady told us how her new prescription changed her life.

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